Officium Divinum

Margaret Rizza: Officium Divinum (CR022)

Review by Choir & Organ

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These settings for the Church’s Office of Daily Prayer based on Common Worship: Daily Prayer are an expression of Margaret Rizza’s own faith and will appeal to many church choirs and congregations: it is uncluttered, free from devices, very tuneful and easy to pick up, and at times somewhat predictable.

Four pieces are accompanied by organ, two are a cappella and ten are with organ and other instruments. Most of the works are adaptable and will suit church resources. The outstanding piece is the Eucharistic Blessed Bread (to Rizza’s own words) that captures the essence of this mystery. Influenced by chant, there is also a Judaic feel to some of her melodies. The Convivium Singers give a sympathetic performance, but concentration on tone and blend are often at the expense of the words.

Shirley Ratcliffe, Choir & Organ, 2nd January 2014

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