Creative, PR & Marketing | Convivium Records International

Album Art designed around you

Convivium Records helps our artists create some of the most striking and most talked about album art in today’s classical music market.

We put a team of creatives around our artists from the very start of projects to turn your artistic vision into commercially successful records.

Photographers, illustrators and art directors take their brief directly from you, our artists, and are guided by our in-house creative director through a professional process to create ready for production album artwork, photography and video.

We are here to create precisely the look and feel that our artists want to express their vision and deliver it with high-impact artwork techniques.

Album artwork is included as standard in all professional and commercial releases. Please send your brief and any original art or imagery to our Creative Director,

Photography & Filming

Imagery and film featurettes makes a record more personal and emotionally powerful

Some artists bring extensive collections of artist and session photography to their projects but many don’t or prefer a fresh look or feel to their profile. We can help you with:

  • Planning and art directing your cover image photoshoot
  • Booking session photography for concerts to feature in album artwork and posters
  • Getting you with preferential rates on a shortlist of photographers from portrait specialists to internationally-reknowned art directors and directors of photography to suit every budget
  • Planning and filming video features for example live concerts, interviews, ‘Meet the Artists’ features and clips for social media and your website
  • Hiring equipment for recording and filming


The jewel case is the de facto standard for high quality, professional CD products. But nothing says special collectors edition like bespoke boxes and packaging.

We want your audience to feel your music is worth a million bucks and we can help you produce perfect packaging from good suppliers at the best trade price rates:

  • Foil-block boxes in a range of styles and colours
  • Laminate card sleeves
  • DVD and overside jewel-cases boxes
  • Custom fold dynamic shell boxes
  • All in a range from 100 to 10000 units.


The creative team we build around our artists have helped launch and promote some of the biggest names in international music and entertainment

Unlike corporate record labels we take our marketing brief directly from you, our artists. We offer guidance to get your record in front of the biggest possible audience and direction to help make your music a commercial success without compromising on the aesthetic and artistic vision that is unique and special to you, the artist.

We can help with:

  • Creating a step-by-step marketing plan to get your music heard and sell records and concert tickets
  • Identifying your core audience and creating highly targeted online and print advertising to kick start your record sales
  • Creating and designing your artist identity to build a strong profile in the media
  • Designing and printing posters, business cards, banners, and print materials to promote concerts and artist events
  • Ongoing management of album and artist profiles on the Convivium Records website and social channels


You have the story and we have the contacts

We can help you put a PR campaign together, create record launch press packs together and pitch you to the most relevant media to get positive coverage. We can help with:

  • Distribution of review copies and introductions to the most relevant media
  • Preparation, design and distribution of a personalised launch publicity campaign guided by our specialist publicists
  • Creating and maximising your social media channels
  • Tapping into future promotion opportunities for example getting you featured on broadcast programmes, pitching editorial stories and creating seasonal social media advertising campaigns
  • Handling media requests

Online marketing

Building an online audience is now paramount to your promotion and publicity selling records and concert tickets

We have a lot of experience and expertise directing digital music marketing campaigns that have launched big name artists and we’re here to help:

  • Designing and developing bespoke artist websites to suit any budget
  • Hosting your website as well as high definition audio, photo and video for people to listen and buy
  • Creating content for example ‘Meet the Choir’ podcasts and video to feature online and pitch to media
  • Building social media advertising campaigns