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Purchase Convivium Records extensive collection of recordings on disc direct from us or from our selected distributors.

In Great Britain and EIRE:

We ship directly to your door across Great Britain and EIRE for a low flat cost per disc.

You can also find us in shops including:

Schott Music, London
Pauline Books & Media, London
Blackwell’s Music, Oxford
Cornflowers, Winchester
Cathedral Bookshop, Portsmouth
Burrswood Gift Shop, Burrswood

North America including Canada

Some records are available via our North American distributor, available for courier delivery to your door. All other records are available with priority international shipping from Convivium Records UK

To find your local availability please email northamerica@conviviumrecords.co.uk


We ship our entire catalogue to Europe at standard carriage cost within 14 days.

Rest Of World

Outside Europe and North America, we ship our entire catalogue to several countries with carriage at cost. Including:

Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Caribbean, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Russia, South Africa. Delivery times vary. Browse and buy records from our website, or write to us for more information.

Write to Us

Convivium Records
27 Old Gloucester Street
Tel: +44 (0)20 3128 3542
Email: adrian@conviviumrecords.co.uk

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Artists recording and releasing their record with Convivium Records’ have their music placed worldwide on the biggest online music stores through our digital distribution network.

All of our releases are also available for download direct from our website in a variety of HD quality audio formats.

You can buy and stream our artists music on: