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The formats

Convivium offers the following mainstream formats to buy and download online:

Super HD 24-bit 4600k ALAC

Quality: Highest. Super HD uses a sampling rate and bit depth 3x higher than CD and 15x higher than MP3 for encoding mastered audio. Listening to 24bit, 96K is the closest you can get to experience the subtleties, dynamic range and purity of sound that you hear in live concert recording. You’ll feel like you’re sitting the right in the front row.

Formats: ALAC optimised for latest generation Apple & Windows OS. For high quality legacy audio ask us for WAVs – see below.

File size: Individual track sizes around 25-30MBs and albums at 2.0GB+

Track meta data: Embedded

CD Quality, 16-bit 1411k ALAC

Quality: At least 5x higher bit rate and depth than MP3 and streaming. Listening to choral and chamber music on CD resolution you’ll discover details and closeness to the sound that are lost in MP3 or streaming audio. CD audio format gives you quality and convenience.

Formats: ALAC optimised for latest generation Apple & Windows OS. For high quality legacy audio see below.

File size: Individual track sizes around 10-20MBs and albums at 1.6GB+

Track meta data: Embedded

Premium stream MP3 16-bit 320k

Quality: Balance of quality and portability. Convivium encodes MP3 direct from high resolution masters at 320kbps, the top end of MP3 quality. When masters are compressed into MP3 a lot of the details artists and engineers work hard to capture is lost resulting in softer bass vocals, thin top range soprano and flattening of timbral instruments particularly organ and chamber music. We recommend MP3 only when small file size is the priority.

Formats: MP3 optimised for latest generation Apple & Windows portable players. Higher resolution ALACS also support most portable players.

File size: Average track sizes around 5-10MBs and albums at 1.0GB+

Track meta data: Embedded

Standard streaming 16-bit 64-320k MP3

Quality: Low. Preview track clips on our site are encoded into MP3 between at 128-160kbps bitrate for quick and easy streaming on all devices. Popular streaming sites e.g. Spotify, Pandora and iTunes typically use equivalent 160kbps bitrate for all tracks except those holding Premium subscriptions who receive 160-320kbps equivalent to our MP3 downloads

Formats: Web player only not available for buy and download from Convivium

File size: Online only

Track meta data: Embedded

Available on Request

We get that everyone’s favourite audio setup is different and we’re here to help take the stress out of converting audio formats or ripping CDS.

We offer studio mastered FLAC and WAV formats on a by request pro forma invoice basis. Pricing is consistent with our Super HD Alac products. Email us at with your details and audio you wish to audio and we’ll get back to you in 48 hours.