The National Children’s Choir of Great Britain was founded in 1998 by Lissa Gray. Her vision was that talented young singers from throughout the United Kingdom would have the opportunity to work together and enjoy making music under the guidance of inspired teachers. Young singers audition from ages 9–19, and each choir member is encouraged to develop their ability within a supportive environment. A focus on musical excellence is accompanied by a holistic approach to the choir members’ well-being that allows them to flourish both musically and personally during courses.

Dan Ludford-Thomas, who was appointed Musical Director in 2018, is committed to taking the choir forward by combining this ethos with his aim to confirm NCCGB as a leader in the delivery of vocal and choral training for children and young people, with innovative programming and the opportunity to work with leading musicians and composers.

The Girl from Aleppo project has been an inspiration to everyone involved: musically, choir members have benefitted from the experience of working with Cecilia McDowall and the outstanding team of musicians; and personally, we were all able to learn from Nujeen’s courage, determination and optimism in the face of adversity.

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