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Media Release: BBC’s Young Chorister of the Year 2015 talks about new NSPCC album

BBC Young Chorister of the Year 2015, Angus Benton will perform music from the upcoming NSPCC appeal album ‘Homeward Bound’ (released 20 December) at NSPCC’s Childline ‘Merry Little Christmas’ Carol Service at St Paul’s Cathedral, 7PM, 13th December 2016.

A Mulitiude of Voices “delivered with exquisite simplicity and unforced grace” (★★★★) Choir & Organ

Review: Choir & Organ
ON A Mulitiude of Voices (Chris Watson, Sospiri)

March 2015

The war poetry of 1914-18 burned away grandeur in an alembic of pity. These modern settings of verse by Rupert Brooke, Edward Thomas and Charlotte Mew (by David Bednall), Guillaume Apollinaire (by Frank Ferko), Ivor Gurney (by Richard Allain) and August Stramm (by John Duggan), among others, restore something of that quality to the experience.

A Multitude of Voices “a fascinating programme finely performed” (★★★★★), Robert Hughill

Review: Planet Hugill
(Robert Hugill)
ON A Multitude of Voices (Christopher Watson, Sospiri)

27th January 2015

On this disc from Convivium Records, Christopher Watson and the choir, Sospiri, present a programme of contemporary works inspired by World War One, many commissioned by the choir as part of their A Multitude of Voices project. Christopher talked to me about the project last year (see my interview with him on this blog) and it is fascinating to hear the finished results. The disc includes music by a varied group of composers, David Bednall, Cecilia McDowall, Frank Ferko, John Duggan, Colin Mawby, Richard Allain, Alexander L’Estrange and Francis Pott. The project was conceived in 2011 by Christopher Watson and composer John Duggan (co-founders of the Oxford-based choir Sospiri) and they were keen for composers to look outside the normal poetic canon.


Peter Philips played on ‘Essential Classics’

News: BBC Radio 3 'Essential Classics' ON 'Peter Philips' (Alexander Norman & Convivium Singers)

21st January 2015

Convivium Singers were delighted to have been included in today's broadcast of Essential Classics on BBC Radio 3. The featured track "Ave verum corpus" was recorded by Alexander Norman & Convivium Singers" on their album "Peter Philips: An Englishman Abroad" and can the performance can be hear about 40 minutes into the programme which is available on to hear on demand through BBC iPlayer until Friday 20 February 2015. Listen here: BBC iPlayer

James Bowman (Writing Exclusively for Cathedral Music Magazine)

Article: Cathedral Music ON 'Thus Angels Sung' (James Bowman & Malcolm Archer)

20th November 2014

I have been involved with music in cathedrals for most of my singing life. This recording, whilst not exclusively devoted to cathedral music, does contain quite a few sacred items which have meant a great deal to me over the years; I wanted to record them before it was too late.

PGS Hodie! (By the students)


Article: Students of PGS (Hugh Summers & Ella Beard)
ON HODIE! Contemporary Christmas Carols (Sam Galdstone, Oliver Hancock, The Portsmouth Grammar School Chamber Choir)

29 July 2014

In January, we went to Jesus College Cambridge for 4 days to record a CD of contemporary Christmas Carols in the college chapel. After 7 months, we are looking forward to hearing the final recording.

Tempo Publication on James Erber’s ‘Traces for Solo Flute (Arnold Whitall)

Article / Review: TEMPO (Arnold Whittall)
ON James Erber’s
‘Traces for Solo Flute’

2nd July 2014

Seventy-three minutes of solo flute and piccolo music, fifty of them Traces, a three-part composition that James Erber worked on between 1991 and 2006, with final revisions in 2011-12. The austerity of the principle might seem extreme, but the title gives a pointer to how multiplicity and a degree of sensuous subtlety emerge from a single line that spends a large proportion of its time in the region above the single treble stave on which the music is notated.   Traces can be prospective, retrospective, evocative, provocative: and although users of the score will observe that a sequence of sections with a certain number of subdivisions defines the overall form, the attentive ear should begin to process the flow in terms of essential differentiations that articulate structure and expression.


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