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PGS Hodie! (By the students)


Article: Students of PGS (Hugh Summers & Ella Beard)
ON HODIE! Contemporary Christmas Carols (Sam Galdstone, Oliver Hancock, The Portsmouth Grammar School Chamber Choir)

29 July 2014

In January, we went to Jesus College Cambridge for 4 days to record a CD of contemporary Christmas Carols in the college chapel. After 7 months, we are looking forward to hearing the final recording.

Tempo Publication on James Erber’s ‘Traces for Solo Flute (Arnold Whitall)

Article / Review: TEMPO (Arnold Whittall)
ON James Erber’s
‘Traces for Solo Flute’

2nd July 2014

Seventy-three minutes of solo flute and piccolo music, fifty of them Traces, a three-part composition that James Erber worked on between 1991 and 2006, with final revisions in 2011-12. The austerity of the principle might seem extreme, but the title gives a pointer to how multiplicity and a degree of sensuous subtlety emerge from a single line that spends a large proportion of its time in the region above the single treble stave on which the music is notated.   Traces can be prospective, retrospective, evocative, provocative: and although users of the score will observe that a sequence of sections with a certain number of subdivisions defines the overall form, the attentive ear should begin to process the flow in terms of essential differentiations that articulate structure and expression.


Margaret Rizza on ‘Officium Divinum’, the Church Times interview

Margaret Rizza
ON ‘Officium Divinum’ (A journey through the daily office prayers)

7th October 2013

‘A chant starts in the head and begins the longest journey in the world’

Deciding to tackle the internet at a very ripe old age has made a big difference to my everyday life. I’m now in touch with so many more people, plus an incredible amount of information, which is great.

At the same time, it’s made me prioritise the important things to be done each day. I try to continue with the very simple things in life, such as cooking for the family, and baking exciting cakes with the grandchildren.

I love gardening and tending my little veg patch, which I try to make time for in the evenings. In the mornings, I have my break at around 11, with a large mug of very strong tea laced with honey and full-cream milk, together with some shortbread, and then I begin work at my keyboard.

I try to continue with formal times of meditation each day: one in the morning, and one in the evening. These times of meditation are so important, and yet so difficult to be faithful to. One tries to keep the mind still through the repetition of a prayer phrase, so that the deeper levels of consciousness are able to be open to the indwelling, transforming spirit deep within one’s being.


Jonathan Powell’s Episodes in the Life of a Dancer Released by Convivium Records

Press Release
London: 15th July 2011

2nd March 2014

Convivium Records are delighted to today announce the release of pianist Jonathan Powell’s latest disc set, entitled Episodes in the Life of a Dancer, featuring the romantic works of Felix Blumenfeld. These colourful, virtuosic piano works will appeal to lovers of the late-Romantic era – of Liszt, Tchaikovski and the Russian piano school in particular.


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