Recording with Us

Make your record a reality

Convivium Records unique self-publishing model is here to pair you, our artists, together with expert, producers, engineers and art directors who guarantee each record is a success staying totally true to your unique artistic vision.

We have helped dozens of artists turn dreams of recording and selling their music into a reality and we are here to help you too whether its your first record or your latest album. We’re upfront about what to expect.

Getting started

One of our talented producers starts by understanding what you, as artist, want from your project and how to achieve it at the best cost.

We’ll offer as much advice and guidance as you think useful on things like choice of repertoire, recording venue, how to best capture your sound, sourcing session instrumentalists and how we recommend marketing your record.

Choosing a venue

As your record takes shape we’ll partner you up with an engineer and session producer specialised in capturing your music, whether its choral or instrumental, ensemble or solo.

We can help recommend rehearsal and recording spaces optimised for capturing your acoustic, and help book with discount rates offered to us. We provide the equipment and handle the setup so you can focus on live performance.

You can expect our engineers and producers to interactively make recommendations to fine-tune the best possible audio range and balance but leave the artistic decisions to you.


Film featurettes add huge emotional and commercial value to your record, letting audiences engage with your music and get to know you as artists.

We can help pair you up with a videographer who will be on hand during recording to capture scenes which will be edited together with the mastered audio.

We can also guide you in scripting interviews and behind the scenes footage on the day while remaining unobtrusive to recording the audio.

Design your record

Once recording is over and mastering is underway we’ll pair you up with an expert creative director who will guide you in designing amazing artwork for your record.

We’ll discuss your artistic vision and what ideas inspire you to create concepts for cover art and themes for booklet content. You can bring your own photography and content or we can help whatever your budget to commission new cover and artist photography and to help prepare your content.

You’ll also be given an outline marketing and PR plan for once your record is in production. We’ll give guidance on all the ingredients of a commercially successful record including how and when to launch, where to market your record, which media to pitch to and where to invest in promotion and publicity if you choose to. We’ll also take the lead getting your record in front of the big music publications and broadcasters and getting your music seen and heard online.

Mastering and production

We typically aim to get artists finished artwork and studio masters to production on the same day so you’ll take possession of your record about two weeks later.

On complex recordings where editing and mastering takes extended time or for example where we’re shooting and retouching album photography we’ll bring creative or engineering deadlines forward working back from the planned record launch date.

Our engineers and editors take great care mastering our artists records and every audio detail is painstakingly reviewed in over several passes to produce an exceptional studio master. Where we make recommendations to produce a natural, definitive sound, we give you complete control on how much or little editing and mastering is done, and review high resolution audio with you before we sign off the final master.

Once you’ve approved the master and the creative we proof both and our producers oversee the production and pressing of your record and queue it to you for delivery to you.

Sales and marketing

Ahead of our agreed launch date we do the hard work putting your record into all the online distributors and pitching it to physical distributors to put in high street stores around the world.

We’ll also get review copies in front of key media and start actioning our marketing plan for the disc. Typically we retain a number of discs and also high res audio for digital downloads made available to buy direct through Convivium Records, and we’re here to help you get setup selling the disc through your own channels online and offline.

The record launch is the end of the production process and the start of the life journey of your album where we are here to give as much or as little support as you need as artists to sell and market your record.

Our anatomy of a great record

What makes a great record is that artists and audiences experience it and love it alike.

We’ve been at the front of pioneering several steps forward in UK classical music that make records look and sound greater than ever before, and making our artists amazing work available to audiences in new, exciting ways.

Here’s how we can uniquely help you create a great record:

  • We record and produce our artists music in the highest quality 24-bit, 192khz audio and it is a sound experience like no other
  • As artist you get total creative and artistic control over your record including how it sounds, look and feels
  • Our artists music is available direct from the artist in multiple high quality formats without expensive middle men
  • We market our recordings and artists internationally through strong personal relationships with musical press, media and distributor networks
  • Our artists music is distributed on every online music retailer and our physical distribution network expands every year to new countries and stores
  • We have embraced streaming as an additional revenue stream for artists and a way to reach new audiences who enjoy live choral and chamber music
  • Our interest in our artists is deep and genuine and we happy to pursue each and every opportunity to promote artists releases to reviewers, critics, publishers and distributors, and support them in their success

Now make your recording a reality

As artists you have a great idea of your vision, what you’re looking to achieve and how.

As your self-publishing label we are here to make your record a reality by guiding you with expertise and experience we’ve developed producing over 50 successful records like yours that share artists fantastic music with a global audience of listeners.

We are upfront about costs and produce records to suit all records. Contact us for a quote and consultation tailored to your project.