Recording for schools

How your school can record and publish their music

There are many ways in which our services can help educate your students, and provide valuable marketing material for your department and institution.

Convivium Records regularly work with schools and colleges to produce recordings, which can be very cost effective. Some go on to be commercially released whilst others are used solely as a record of the achievements of the students. With many children involved in a production, sales to parents and use of the recording in school marketing can often cover the costs of an initial production.

It is no secret that young artists are the future of the industry and in working and recording with children, we are keen to inform them about the process they are involved in and explain how and why we are recording. This gives them some insight into a world that is often assumed to be the reserve of the ‘professional’ musician.

When it comes to recordings, many schools have a venue in mind for practical reasons, but some choose a place which provides additional educational experiences, such as an university chapel, a local church or a concert hall. By planning the process of recording, students can learn not only about music and recording, but also, about language, history, culture and higher education.

A school or college recording can be a wonderful way in which to engage with students and encourage them to develop their talents through music. Please do contact us directly for more information about how we can help you to make this a reality.