Peter Philips An Englishman Abroad

Peter Philips – An Englishman abroad

10th October 2013

Convivium Records’ warmly anticipated disc celebrating the 450th anniversary of Peter Philips has been announced for a 19th October release, with preview copies available to pre-order from this week.

The album marks the label’s third installation of British choral music this year, with label residents Convivium Singers returning under the direction of Alex Norman, with David Price on organ. The 14-track discs blends a vibrant selection of choral and organ music of distinctly continental flair and style, chosen in large part from Philips’s Cantiones Sacrae Quinis set of Latin motets (1612-1628).

A master English composer, born 1560/1, exiled to the Netherlands in 1582 and separated from English choral tradition, presumably in persecution for his Catholicism, Philips owes as much of his uniquely modern renaissance writing to Italian musical styles as to his English contemporary Byrd. In his 450th anniversary year, Philips is enjoying a resurgence of following and interest on disc and in the concert hall.

“Philips has really only in the last couple of years started receiving – in my opinion – vastly overdue and just recognition and acclaim as a striking and very accessible early music English composer” says Executive Producer, Adrian Green. “In every aspect of the disc we’ve aimed for an anniversary ‘Collectors Edition’ feel true to that, packaging the album artwork with an exciting contemporary-classical twist, and staying faithful musically to Philips’ work. It’s fantastic music, and a disc we’re really proud of.”

Peter Philips: An Englishman Abroad is available to browse, sample, and pre-order now at, including track listings, album information and exclusive artwork previews.

Recorded at St Alban the Martyr, Highgate, February & July 2011 by Convivium Singers.
Directed: Alexander Norman and
Accompanied: Dr. David Price.
Engineering and Editing: Adaq Khan & Adrian Green.
Producer: Andrew King & David Millinger.
Creative Director: John Bevan
Executive Producer: Adrian Green

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