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Kick-start your performing career


What do you want to record?


Are your tracks still in copyright?

Do you need other musicians?


Do you have a venue in mind?

When it comes to recording, no single venue suits all musicians. In fact finding a venue on budget that offers you everything you want from space to facilities is an art in itself. Convivium Records regularly records in venues across the UK in particular, and can help you choose the space which will help you feel most at home in your recording sessions.

What are your recording deadlines?

Convivium Records is used to meeting deadlines on a daily basis with it’s commercial projects, so the important thing is to understand the expectations of our clients. Nothing is impossible, but finding space to keep a recording stress-free is important if possible.

What is editing versus mastering?

Generally, Convivium Records would edit a non-commercial recording. This involves doing a number of ‘takes’ of a piece of music, allowing for the best bits of the recording to be pieced seamlessly together for you into a convincing and technically sound performance.

Mastering is the process of taking a recording and making very carefully adjustments to a number of things including the color and tone of the sound, along with tidying up any background noises and clicks where possible to produce a product with a more polished sound.

Do you need CD’s or digital tracks?

Convivium Records makes recordings available at industry standard as digital tracks. We can also take full tracks and reduce them for you to your requirements for promotional purposes.

Does Convivium Records supply artwork?

Convivium Records works with a number of leading designers and can help you in the creation of everything from a cover concept to the artwork for a full commercial release.

This is not an exhaustive list of questions, but hopefully it gives some ideas about how to get started. The majority of the music we record ranges from classical to contemporary. Where we feel others may be in a better position to help, we will offer what advice we can. Prices for demo recordings can cost anything from £200 – £1000. As each project is unique, the best thing to do is to get in touch and discuss your ideas.

Kick-start your performing career

When you’re studying and starting out professionally a demo or portfolio record is the key to unlocking new career and performing opportunities capturing you at your very best.

Demo recordings can be done on a tight budget although it is important to plan your record, get professional advice and avoid costly mistakes novices make, especially if you’re putting a lot of your own time into promoting yourself.

We’re here to help offer advice and guidance at no cost to help you get started on your recording career.

What do you want to record?

A strong recording doesn’t have to contain years of material. Choosing the best repertoire to promote you and getting guidance on how and where you to use and market your music is important.

We can help guide you in planning your repertoire that match you best to opportunities in the classical music marketplace and guide you through the recording process and building a successful emerging artist profile.

We recommend getting in touch well ahead of time and anticipating 12 to 18 months from start to finish producing your record around other performing commitments.

What do you want to record?

A composer’s music remains in copyright for 70 years from the end of the calendar year in which he dies.

If you record music which is in copyright you may pay for a license handled by PRS for Music.

We can guide you through the process identifying whether a licence is required and if so establishing the cost and applying for the licence ahead of recording the music.

We look after licence payments for a number of our artists and can do so on your behalf if it helps you focus on producing your record.

Do you have a venue in mind?

No single venue suits all artists or types of music. Finding a venue on budget that is local, offers you great acoustic, has the facilities and is available to be setup for recording over the time you need is a bit of an art in itself.

We’Convivium Records regularly records in venues across the UK in particular, and can help you choose the space which will help you feel most at home in your recording sessions.