Carson Cooman: The Evening Choir | Convivium Records International
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  1. 1The Evening Choir
    Carson Cooman
  2. 2Be Ye Wise
    Carson Cooman
  3. 3Born Among us in the Night
    Carson Cooman
  4. 4How lovely is Thy Dwelling Place
    Carson Cooman
  5. 5Easter Day
    Carson Cooman
  6. 6I have seen the Lord
    Carson Cooman
  7. 7The Name above all Names
    Carson Cooman
  8. 8When the Perfect Comes
    Carson Cooman
  9. 9Veni Sancte Spiritus
    Carson Cooman
  10. 10The Kingdom of Justice No.1
    Carson Cooman
  11. 11The Kingdom of Justice No.2
    Carson Cooman
  12. 12The Kingdom of Justice No.3
    Carson Cooman
  13. 13The Kingdom of Justice No.4
    Carson Cooman
  14. 14Te Deum
    Carson Cooman

The Evening Choir

Carson Cooman, Alexander Norman, Convivium Singers

  • Catalogue
  • Composer
    Carson Cooman
  • Conductor
    Alexander Norman
  • Producer
    Andrew King
  • Creative Dir
    John Bevan
  • Exec Producer
    Adrian Green
  • Engineering
    Adaq Khan
  • Organist
    Joe Waggott
  • Sax
    Alistair Wright
  • Trumpet
    Alex Smith
  • Photography
    Jacqui Marie Dunster

The Evening Choir

Our latest release with Carson Cooman journeys into his diverse sacred choral works exploring a variety of musical forms, from extended cantatas to unaccompanied motets. In the composer’s own words “the goal has always been to make a direct and expressive connection with the texts, which consist of both scriptural passages and sacred poetry."

Featured on this album are cantatas including “The Evening Choir", a treatment of a remarkable and vivid poem by 19th century Transcendentalist American poet Jones Very; and “The Kingdom of Justice", a four-movement work (with trumpet) based on selected scriptural verses. Two unaccompanied motets are represented: “How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place", a setting of the familiar verses from Psalm 84; and “Veni Sancte Spiritus", an extended contrapuntal cantus firmus motet with a neo-Renaissance influence. Anthems include the seasonal works “Easter Day" and “Born Among Us in the Night" (a Christmas carol), along with other works of general subject on Biblical texts: “When the Perfect Comes", “Be Ye Wise", and “The Name Above All Names." “I Have Seen the Lord" (written originally for performance with dance at a bishop’s investiture) is a dramatic setting with saxophone and organ of the narrative of Mary Magdalene visiting the tomb of the risen Christ. The disc concludes with “Te Deum", a joyous version of the familiar canticle.


This disc brings together an exclusive collection of Carson Cooman’s choral writing, performed by the award-winning critically acclaimed Convivium Singers, under the expert direction of Alexander Norman. The album features settings of liturgical texts and psalms, newly commissioned choral works and highlights from Cooman’s extensive choral writing.