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MP3 files lightweight and portable, great for storing on a phone, home audio system or portable music player. Their small size comes at the cost of some loss in quality.

FLAC files are direct equivalents of the files used in CD production. They are larger than MP3 files and retain audio integrity, but are not as widely supported.

ALAC files are similar to FLAC files, but use a lossless format which allows them to be used in all Apple products and software.

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About this release

The Angels of Creation commissions are a collection of organ works composed for and premiered by Sebastian Thomson. The project’s inception began with David Bednall’s Rhapsody, which was premiered at St Paul’s Cathedral in 2010. All subsequent commissions—Simon Whalley’s Festal Paean, Thomas Hewitt Jones’ Angels of Creation (from which the title of the project originates), Neil Cox’s Laudate, and most rec