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  1. 1Benedite Il Signor
    Emilio De' Cavalieri
  2. 2Dixit Maria
    Hans Leo Hassler
  3. 3Ave Maria
    Robert Parsons
  4. 4Musica Est Dei
    Orlande De Lassus
  5. 5O Sapientia
    Robert Ramsey
  6. 6Now Is the Month of Maying (recorder consort)
    Thomas Morley
  7. 7Tibi Laus
    Peter Philips
  8. 8O Nata Lux
    Thomas Tallis
  9. 9Audite, Silete
    Michael Praetorius
  10. 10The Silver Swan (recorder consort)
    Orlando Gibbons
  11. 11Deo Gratias
    William Byrd
  12. 12Ne Timeas Maria
    Tomás Luis De Victoria
  13. 13Jubilate Deo
    Peter Philips
  14. 14Ave Virgo Gloriosa
    Richard Dering
  15. 15O Magnum Mysterium
    William Byrd
  16. 16Alta Trinita Beata
  17. 17Alamaine (Recorder Consort)
    Richard Dering
  18. 18Jubilate Deo
    Richard Dering
  19. 19Lighten Our Darkness
    David Goymour

In the Artists' Hall


  • Catalogue
  • Composer
  • Director
    Bruce Ramell
  • Recorded
    The Artists' Hall, Waterperry House, Oxfordshire
  • Engineer
    Adrian Green
  • Mastering
    Adaq Khan
  • Producer
    Adrian Green
  • Creative Dir
    John Bevan
  • Exec Producer
    Adrian Green

In The Artists' Hall


The pieces on this recording are a sample of DISCANTVS’ repertoire, which is largely sacred and from the fifteenth to eighteenth centuries.

As a group, we enjoy performing music which has a certain gravitas, that rather elusive factor where the music seems to enable the singer and listener to hear something beyond the notes so that the beauty of the music acts as a sort of portal.

If this depth is indeed there in the music, then the composer is the one who has in fact opened the door and so one of the endeavours of the choir is to allow the music to speak and not overlay it with “our” performance. Who are these composers?

Two Englishmen feature strongly in our work, Peter Philips (1560 – 1628) and Richard Dering (c1580 – 1630), both practising Catholics in an era of Protestant revolution and religious upheaval across England. Both show an awareness of the developing Italianate style of the early C16.

Alongside, we place Robert Ramsey (fl. 1616 – 44) William Byrd (1543 -1623), Tallis (c1505 – 1585) and Robert Parsons (? – 1570) and two continental composers, Hans Leo Hassler (1564 – 1612) and Thomás Luis de Victoria (1548 – 1611).

This selection is interspersed with vocal and instrumental interludes (Nos 1, 4. 6, 9, 16, 17).  Vocal interludes are rounds or extracts from larger works which we have enjoyed singing in an odd moment, such as at a mealtime, in a square in Madrid or on a coach journey. Two of the recorder pieces are in fact madrigals.

The final piece is a setting of a collect from Evensong by one of our singers, David Goymour. We have delighted in singing this in a number of English cathedrals.


DISCANTVS is a voluntarily group of mainly longstanding philosophy students united by a love of music and singing. Formed in 1988, it has over the years performed in many places in the UK and Europe.

Its repertory is predominantly drawn from sacred English music written between the 15th to 18th centuries, although they are also fond of singing music by two living composers, Tavener and Pärt.

While much of the singing is unaccompanied, pieces are also sometimes performed with continuo or orchestra.

Some DISCANTVS members are competent soloists, and solos and duets are a normal part of its performance repertoire. Some also form a recorder ensemble.

Director of Music, Bruce Ramell