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Officium Divinum

Margaret Rizza Convivium Singers, Eamonn Dougan

  • Engineering
    Adaq Khan & Kevin Hodgson
  • Mastering
    Adaq Khan
  • Cover Photo
    Rectorat Cathedral Chartres
  • Photography
    Tom Kuglin, Benjamin Hearte
  • Co-Producers
    Andrew King, Alexander Norman
  • Genres

Officium Divinum

Officium Divinum as an idea was conceived by Tim Ruffer, Head of Publishing at the RSCM. While exploring projects, he came up with the inspiring idea of composing music for the four periods of daily prayer: Morning, Midday, Evening and Night Prayer from the ‘Common Worship, Daily Prayer’. Being invited to write music for these prayers was daunting but simultaneously I found it such an exciting and wonderful project to work on.

Being a late-comer to composition, writing music has been a struggle. I have always been attracted to and influenced by the Gregorian and Taizé chants, both of which have echoes in my music. The simplicity of the chant allows words which begin in the mind to become, through repetition, prayer in the heart.

Some of my music has been used to accompany retreats, healing services, prayer groups and it is used often in hospitals and hospices as an aid bringing comfort and prayer to those who are undergoing life-changing experiences.

I have received such moving letters from people who are having to cope with terminal illnesses; those undergoing long periods of depression and even those in prison who heard the music by chance. I feel humbled and grateful to be in touch with people in this way.

The four days recording this album in the beautiful Portsmouth Cathedral were memorable and I want to convey huge thanks to Convivium Singers and the instrumentalists for their strong performances under the inspirational direction of Eamonn Dougan. I was also so grateful for the input which David Price gave on the organ. He put onto the bones of my music great variety and vibrant colours adding a new richness and depth to the diverse compositions.

Introduction by Margaret Rizza

I have been blessed since 2009 to have had the opportunity to write for the RSCM, an institution which I admire so much. They promote and make available not only amazing educational projects and music suited to big cathedral choirs but also music for parish choirs with limited resources. It is for this type of choir that perhaps some of my music is best suited.

The Royal School of Church Music

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