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  1. 1Song and Dance No.7
  2. 2Song and Dance No.8
  3. 3Cantar del alma
  4. 4La presó De lleida
    Catalan Traditional
  5. 5Canticel
    Eduard Toldrà
  6. 6Bosc
    Feliu Gasull (Suite for cello & guitar)
  7. 7Fe
    Feliu Gasull (Suite for cello & guitar)
  8. 8Lullaby
    Feliu Gasull (Quartet Breu)
  9. 9Pa mi niño
    Chano Domínguez
  10. 10Poema de la soleá
  11. 11La Cogida y La muerte
    Maria Camahort (Lyrics by F. Garcia-Lorca)
  12. 12Homenaje: Le tombeau De Claude Debussy
    Manuel de Falla
  13. 13Danza Oriental
    Enrique Granados
  14. 14Las Morillas de Jaén
    Spanish Trad. Collected by F. García-Lorca
  15. 15El café de Chinitas
    Spanish Trad. Collected by F. García-Lorca

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Iberian Colours

Maria Camahort Quintet

  • Catalogue
  • Composer
  • Guitar
    Maria Camahort
  • Arrangements
    Maria Camahort
  • Violin & Voice
    Violeta García
  • Soprano
    Laura Ruhí-Vidal
  • Cello
    Sergio Serra
  • Percussion
    Pablo Domínguez
  • Guitar
    Pablo Domínguez
  • Producer
    Isa Khan
  • Photography
    Vera Rodríguez
  • Engineer
    Adaq Khan
  • Editing
    Isa Khan
  • Mastering
    Isa Khan
  • Creative Dir
    John Bevan
  • Exec Producer
    Adrian Green
  • Venue
    Master Chord Studios

Maria Camahort Quintet – Iberian Colours

Maria Camahort Quintet presents a uniquely original project of music by Spanish Composers, sharing with the audience the vivid colours, earthy textures and rhythms of spanish musical art.

IBERIAN COLOURS is a journey through the relationship between Spanish Classical repertoire and influences from Iberia’s traditional music.  Traditional music in Spain has long been an important source of inspiration for many Spanish composers: De Falla, Mompou, Granados, Albéniz, and Toldrà, to name a few. More intensely since the end of the 19th-century—and especially through the 20th as a consequence of Musical Nationalism—Spanish composers have been inspired by the lyrics, melodies, rhythms and harmonies of traditional music. The guitar, as the predominant instrument of Spanish folk heritage, was one of their main sources of inspiration.

Maria Camahort Quintet

The Maria Camahort Quintet was established in November 2011 out of the desire to increase the possibilities in chamber music. Guitarist Maria Camahort arranges the repertoire and leads this project created alongside four other talented musicians: Violeta García, voice and violin; Laura Ruhí-Vidal, soprano; Sergio Serra, cello; Pablo Domínguez, percussion and guitar. The originality of the ensemble is given by the intense collaboration between musicians from different musical traditions, by its characteristic timbre, and by the specific choice of classical repertoire and their adaptation to this particular quintet. The Quintet has already performed at some of the top venues and festivals, including St Martin in the fields, The Forge, Kings Place, Southbank Centre (Purcell Room), St James’s Church PIcadilly, St Michael at the North Gate (Oxford), Bath Guitar Festival, London Guitar Festival, Kings Place Festival, and Edinburgh Guitar and Music Festival. Forthcoming performances include Buxton Festival and Kings Place Festival 2015, and the Milton Court (Barbican).

Their debut album ‘Iberian Colours’ will be a representation of the vibrancy of Spain in sound, bringing to the audience the musicality, the flavour and the stories that are held in the music of Spanish composers.

More about the group and their events can be found on their website: