Carson Cooman

Illuminations: Dances and Poems – “Truly exceptional new music” (Carson Cooman, Fanfare)

Illumina Duo: Illuminations: Dances and Poems (CR039) Review by Carson Cooman, Fanfare Listen and buy now on Convivium Records Trumpet and organ is a very common musical combination. Despite the rather large number of original duo compositions written in the [...]

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Convivium Singers

Convivium Singers is an award-winning, critically acclaimed choral ensemble, providing opportunities for young singers at the early stages of performing careers, as well as for talented musicians who have chosen not to pursue careers in music. The ensemble specialises in performing [...]

Cooman: The Evening Choir – “The main piece here is a surprise” ★★★★ (Choir & Organ)

Cooman: The Evening Choir - Convivium Singers (CR023) Review by Choir & Organ Listen and buy on Convivium Records Carson Cooman is a prolific composer, organ recitalist and writer, and yet the main piece here is a surprise, a work [...]