Tempo Magazine

Tempo magazine exists to document the international new music scene while contributing to, and stimulating, current debates therein. Its emphasis is on musical developments in our own century, as well as on music that came to prominence in the later twentieth century that has not yet received the attention it deserves. The articles and reviews cover the new music scene in all its complexity, featuring discussion of compositional trends, performance practices, listening practices, new music contexts and reception histories. Tempo is sympathetic both to writing about new forms of creative practice (electronic, interdisciplinary, performance-based) and to writing that employs innovative methods of enquiry that differ from the aims of traditional musicology.

Arnold Whittall is Professor Emeritus of Music Theory and Analysis at King’s College London. His recent writings include Introduction to Serialism (CUP, 2008) and contributions to Maxwell Davies Studies (CUP, 2009) and Elliott Carter Studies (CUP, 2012). Recently published articles in journals other than TEMPO include ‘Dendritic designs: Birtwistle’s String Quartet: The Tree of Strings’ (The Musical Times) and ‘Being courteous: the view from the old country’ (Music Theory Spectrum). Arnold Whittall also edits the Cambridge University Press Music Since 1900 series (formerly Music in the 20th Century).

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